2014 info coming soon!

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They say this business is all about who you know. Come know us.


Kickass camera and/or sound geeks who want to get into the film festival world.


Are you what's next? We're looking to showcase fresh (esp student) talents by letting

them take over our festival coverage and showcase their work. It's our NextGen Project, and we want you to be there.

This isn't some boring wedding video gig- we want YOU to craft the narrative of our festival. Show us your story.

What's In It For You:

Fellows of our NextGen project get special mentoring meetings with our festival programmers, producers, and alumni who have worked with many top tier festivals over their careers. Fellows also get various career development opportunities throughout the year.

Have a question about your career, making the right contacts, or how to become a full timer in the festival circuit? Get the answers straight from the people who make many of those decisions.

You'll also get to spend a week socializing with filmmakers who were in your position not too long ago, and get ingrained in the festival scene. (And it goes without saying we'll feed you delicious things while doing it).

Drop us an email and send us any links you'd like us to see.