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New for 2014, in lieu of traditional panels, we’re hosting a series of Fireside Chats featuring the most dynamic figures in Independent and New Media. Join us for an intimate conversation series about how creatives tick, and celebrate the triumphs and growing pains that take place in any artistic journey.

Fireside Chats

1. Tales from the Black List

Saturday November 22nd 2:15pm-3:00pm - Mack Sennett Small Studio

Every year a list of the best unproduced scripts, voted on by an industry's worth of tastemakers, is released to the public. Since its inception 10 years ago The Black List is easily the most surefire and reputable way for writers to be discovered. Join writers whose success on the Black List has translated into real life progress in their career as they talk about the process, inspirations and what pushed them from writing in a vacuum to pursuing the next phase of their careers. Black List Founder Franklin Leonard will be on hand with 2013 Black List writers Meaghan Oppenheimer, Geoff Tock, and Stephany Folsom to discuss the list's role in their journeys. From first getting representation, to being staffed on TV shows, to being hired by studios, to having their scripts read aloud in Black List Live by the likes of Nathan Fillion, Alison Brie, Clark Gregg and more, to the holy grail of Black List-dom: getting your unproduced script produced, get the low down from the people who know it best.

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2. I [Dont] Want My MTV

Saturday November 22nd 7:00pm-7:45pm - Mack Sennett Small Studio

The hub for music videos going off tv and online has changed the format into the most boundary pushing artistic medium. When our tried and true music video channels became gathering grounds for reality TV shows, the internet opened its doors. As a result, the music video industry evolved in more than one way. Join directors Claire Vogel, Mister Whitmore, Greg Jardin, and Isaac Ravishankara as they discuss their work, the artistic change in content, form, and the ever evolving possibilities this new platform offers.

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3. Shitty Jobs: Totally Indie Edition 

Saturday November 22nd

7:30pm-8:15pm RVIP Exclusive Pre-Shitty Jobs Reception (Passholders Only) - RVIP Lounge at Mack Sennett Studios

8:30pm-10:00pm Shitty Jobs - Mack Sennett Small Studio

Followed by an after party on the RVIP Mobile Karaoke Lounge for Shitty Jobs attendees!

A very special and hilarious night of UCB's hit improv group, Shitty Jobs, delves into all things indie just for No Budget. An improvised show inspired by one of our audience member's craziest industry gigs, we are excited to welcome back NBFF's first juror ever, DC Pierson, along with fellow Shitty Jobs members Ben Rodgers and Dominic Dierkes.

How it works: The guys will first interview a random audience member about their biggest set diva, pitch session from hell, or a weird and wonderful on set experience to spin into a fully improvised show filled with overbearing AD's, suspicious sound guys, and aloof actors.. Join us re-living everything that we love about guerrilla film-making by celebrating all that can go horribly wrong through the comedic lens of improv.

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4. #IRL (In Real Life)

Sunday November 23rd 1:45pm-2:30pm - Mack Sennett Small Studio

To Buzzfeed and back again! Meet creators who have taken everything from relatives,relationships, and real life experiences, and catapulted them from their computer screen to the big screen, book deals, and internet fame. Join Jimmy Wong (RocketJump) as he hosts this very real Fireside Chat joined by members of Kids Table Comedy, writer Emma Koenig, actress and filmmaker Samantha Futerman (Twinsters), and Buzzfeeds Weird Couple Justin Abarca and Elizabeth Triplett as they talk about creating art inspired by their real lives. How taking their real life to the world wide web has led these forward thinking creators into new worlds in the entertainment industry.

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Fireside Chat: Blacklist

Stephany Folsom

Stephany finely tuned her storytelling skills traveling the world. She produced a series of short-form documentaries on the worldwide AIDS crisis, human trafficking and the drug trade. After spending some time in war zones and Third World countries, Stephany decided to return to a calmer life in Los Angeles and focus on her writing. Her first script 1969: A SPACE ODYSSEY made the 2013 Black List, and she is currently adapting Harlan Coben’s bestselling novel MISSING YOU for Brett Ratner’s RatPac and Warner Bros.

Geoff Tock

Geoff Tock is a wildly American screenwriter based out of the center of our hollow earth.  With his better-looking (but worse at video games) writing partner Greg Weidman, he wrote the 2013 Black List script SOVEREIGN, which is being produced by 21 Laps.  He is a graduate of no institutions of note, and has no outside accomplishments fit for print.


Franklin Leonard

Franklin Leonard is the founder of the Black List, the yearly publication highlighting Hollywood’s most popular unproduced screenplays and the company birthed to continue its mission.  Over 250 Black List scripts have been produced as feature films earning almost 200 Academy Award nominations and 37 wins including three of the last six Best Pictures and seven of the last fourteen screenwriting Oscars. Franklin has worked in development at Universal Pictures and the production companies of Will Smith, Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella, Leonardo DiCaprio, and John Goldwyn. Since 2010, he has been named one of Hollywood Reporter’s 35 Under 35, Black Enterprise magazine’s “40 Emerging Leaders for Our Future,” The Root’s 100 Most Influential African-Americans, the Wrap’s “12 Innovators Who Are Changing Hollywood,” Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” and was awarded the 2015 African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA)’s Special Achievement Award for career excellence.

Meaghan Oppenheimer

Meaghan began acting in regional theatre at the age of 10, which turned into writing her own theatre pieces. She attended college at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in Theatre and studying with David Mamet’s Atlantic Theatre Company. Not long after graduating she moved to LA and wrote her first feature spec, the coming of age dramedy “The Remains,” which landed a spot on the 2013 Black List. She recently completed her first feature writing assignment for Working Title, a coming of age drama called “We Are Your Friends” which wrapped filming in September 2014, starring Zac Efron and Wes Bentley, and was bought by Warner Brothers for distribution. She is currently writing on the Walking Dead companion series for AMC, as well as developing a one-hour drama set in WWII Germany based on her family’s true story

Fireside Chat: I [Don't] Want My MTV

Colleen Curlin, Director Industry & Media Relations (Moderator)

Colleen joined the LAMVF team in 2011 bringing along her experience in the music industry and digital marketing space.  As Director of Industry & Media Relations, Colleen focuses on expanding LAMVF's relationship with production companies, record labels, and the college communities in Los Angeles.  Colleen graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Communication.  Originally hailing from the Lone Star State, she spent three years working digital marketing projects for artists at Interscope Records.  Currently, Colleen is a music supervisor at Bunim/Murray Productions.

Greg Jardin

Greg Jardin is a film / commercial / music video writer / director living in Los Angeles.  He graduated from the Florida State University film school with his thesis film “The Problem With Fiber Optics,” which went on to win the Student Emmy for Best Comedy and land him representation with Radical Media.  He has just completed his latest short film, “Floating,” about a lonely person made entirely out of balloons struggling to make a connection in the city, which was just selected as a Vimeo staff favorite for August, 2014. Jardin is also known for the videos: The Joy Formidable “This Ladder is Ours", Joey Ramone “New York City” (MVPA Winner - 2012), Kina Grannis “In Your Arms” (Time Magazine’s Top 10 Creative Videos, 2012), and Hollerado “Americanarama” (SXSW Jury Award - Best Music Video, 2011).

Claire Vogel.jpg

Claire Vogel

Claire Marie Vogel is a director, photographer and editor based in Los Angeles, California. Her nostalgic tendencies have shaped her work, which often focus on memory and surrealism. Graduating from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2010, she began her career at Warner Bros. Records as their Visual Content Manager, where she creates work with a multitude of established and developing artists daily. Claire has directed music videos for Atlas Genius, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Mikal Cronin, Iron & Wine, Madi Diaz and more.

Mister Whitmore.jpg

Mister Whitmore

Tomás Whitmore is currently enjoying life as a director in the hellishly hot streets of Los Angeles. Between watching movies, reading, and eating way to much ice cream, he can usually be found prepping a few short films set for production in 2015. He is represented by OB Management for music videos and by London based production company SONNY for commercials.


Dillon Francis "Get Low"
Dillon Francis "Without You" (LA Film Festival Selection)
Chaingang of 1974 "Sleepwalking"

Fireside Chat: Shitty Jobs

Shitty Jobs

SHITTY JOBS is a weekly improv show that has been running at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles every Sunday night since mid-2009. Each improvised show is inspired by audience volunteers' true stories of the most unique, interesting, or just plain shittiest jobs they've ever had.  Dominic Dierkes (Workaholics, Mad Men), DC Pierson (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Community), Ben Rodgers (Comedy Bang Bang, The Mindy Project)


Fireside Chat: #IRL (In Real Life)

Justin Abarca & Elizabeth Tripplett, Panelists

Justin Abarca and Elizabeth Triplett met in 2001 at Cal Poly Pomona. In 2004 they moved to Hollywood together to pursue careers in the "biz". In 2011 they got married. Along they way they acquired two cats, Emmitt and Lilly Potter. They both wrote for Hulu's first original scripted show, Battleground. Justin was also a member of the sketch group, The Dickheads, and a staff writer for BuzzFeed. Elizabeth has been in numerous commercials and is perfecting the art of eyeball vibration. Together, they star in the series of BuzzFeed videos, "Weird Things All Couples..."

Samantha Futerman, Panelist

Samantha is a Korean American adoptee from New Jersey. She attended the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City and graduated from Boston University in 2009 with a BFA in Theatre Arts and Anthropology. In 2011 she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her career. Her feature film credits include MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA and 21 & OVER. She can also be seen on Showtime’s THE BIG C and KROLL SHOW on Comedy Central. After her extraordinary experience of discovering her twin sister, Samantha felt compelled to share her story and began co-directing an auto-documentary TWINSTERS.

Emma Koenig, Panelist

Emma Koenig is the creator of "Fuck! I'm in My Twenties", an illustrated tumblr which spawned a book, a guided journal, and a TV version developed at NBC. Her viral video "Speed Dating" has almost 2 million views. She was a humorist for The Times UK and most recently, a staff writer for "Manhattan Love Story" on ABC. She holds a BFA in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.


Kids Table Comedy, Panelist

In just under three years, The Kids Table has produced over 50 sketches and gained over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube. Comprised of Emily Krakowsky, Igor Hiller, and Marvin Lemus, their short films and sketches have screened at SXSW 2013, 2013 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival, 2014 San Jose International Short Film Festival, and won the Best Web Series Award at the 2013 Montreux Comedy Festival for their sketch, Vine Tries to Make a Commercial for Vine in Vine. 

Jimmy Wong, Moderator

Jimmy Wong is an actor / musician / content creator originally from Seattle, WA. Previous work includes the web series Video Game High School (VGHS) and movies such as John Dies at the End. He currently developing his upcoming musical series Band Aid and lives in Los Angeles with his brother and fellow creator Freddie Wong.