The Girl in the Corner

In this post-apocalyptic world, two lovers argue over their best means of survival.  Whose side will win; the man on his feet, or the girl in the corner? 

Cast: Izabella Poros- Girl
Istvan P. Szabo- Boyfriend

Written, edited, directed by
Istvan P Szabo

Length: 5:17 


A Friend Indeed

A chance encounter on a hopeless journey leads a man to contemplate his mortality. 

Sam Boxleitner
Tripp Watt

Directed by Lee Boxleitner
Written by Lee Boxleitner and Sam Boxleitner
Director of photography - Dave Jacobsen
Sound - Eric Enroth
Hair / Makeup / Wardrobe - Andrea Steele
Original Score - Sam Boxleitner
Edited by Lee Boxleitner
Produced by Lee Boxleitner and Sam Boxleitner

Length: 7:45

A Friend Indeed.png


A simple story of sibling rivalry told through multiple mediums. Part personal reminiscence, part documentary, part home movie, and part cartoon. 

Writer/Director/Editor/Animator/Sound Designer: Matthew Kaundart

Length: 3:57 



Omid's well-intentioned desperate effort to catch a subway train results in a lost gym bag and a car full of confused and terrified passengers. In Subway, he tells the story in a comedic light, teaching you that sometimes, it may be best to just wait for the next train.

Nicholas Ramirez - Director/Editor/Camera
Omid Singh - Writer/Lead Actor
Miguel Munguia - Additional Camera
Hayley Kosan - Supporting Actress

Length: 3:26 


Wedding Bell Booze

Two sisters disagree on the value of marriage as a bridal party prepares for a wedding. 

Writer/Director: Julie Bersani
Producers: Julie Bersani Barbara Carrillo
DP: Kyle Sauer

Chrissy played by Carrie Keranen
Tracy played by Deirde Wagner
Rita played by Susannah Blinkoff
Shauna played by Shannon Nelson

Length: 7:57

WBB Still.jpg


Molly and Cameron are in love. Molly and Cameron are getting married. Molly and Cameron are planning their wedding. Molly and Cameron… are a ticking time bomb of napkins, flowers and racist in-laws.

CAST: Emma Fassler & Phil Daddario

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Andrew Crabtree
CAMERA: Alex Allrich & Jonny Look
EDITOR: Joshua Cole
COMPOSER: Greg McCoach

Length: 7:17


We, seahorses

Love or personal ambition? That’s the struggle lying at the heart of We Sea Horses. Watch as two people navigate their silent worlds of passion and pain. 

BJ Allman: Benjamin
Lexi Marman: Rose
Jesse Brown: Aquarium Shop Owner

Ruan du Plessis: Director of photography, editor
Anna Schumacher: Writer, Director
Quinn Cooke: key grip

Length: 6:49

Still We, Seahorse (1).jpg

The Roommate

As one girl prepares for a date, her nagging roommate tags along and just won't give her a break. But when her date runs late, she learns that sometimes your worst critic is yourself.

Directed by: Mara Klein and Megan Rosati
Written by: Megan Rosati
Produced by: Mara Klein
Director of Photography: Danny Belinkie
Editing and Original Score by: Alexander Tovar

Featuring: Mara Klein, Megan Rosati and Mark Schreibmeir

Length: 5:43 

The Roommate - couch photo.jpg


As she begins college, Samantha reluctantly leaves her childhood home, and her beloved stuffed bear named Heart, behind. But Heart knows the difference between growing up and moving on, and decides to follow Samantha on her new journey. When Heart hitches a ride with a somewhat cynical man named Daniel, the two help each other to remember their pasts and follow - their hearts.

Heart Samantha: Leah Johnston
Daniel: Thomas Meston
Written and Directed by: Peter Berube
Director of Photography: Justin Baker
Music by: Aaron Beaumont
Co-Producers: Melissa Recalde, Caity Engler, Alina Debellis

Length: 7:45

Heart Screen Shot.png


A man sacrifices everything in a quest to silence an incessant car alarm. 

CAST (Character - Actor):

Tom - Thomas Meston
Ashley - Bethany Esfandiari
Cute Girl - Adrienne Whitney
Boss - Evan Lorenzetti
Burglar - Dave Hewes
Benji (dog) - Lucky dog


Directed by: Blake Hodges
Written by: Blake Hodges and Thomas Meston
Produced by: Annie To, Thomas Meston, and Blake Hodges
Cinematography/Editing by: Blake Hodges

Production Manager: Annie To
Sound Recorder: Damien O’Donnell
Script Supervisors: Danielle Directo-Meston and Annie To
Location Managing/Animal Wrangler: Danielle Directo-Meston
Production Assistants: Colin O'Brien-Lux, Matt Jacobsen, and Peter Tran

Length: 7:55 



Jeff is - unique - to say the least. When his girlfriend dumps him, he begins to think that he's just too different to find happiness. But after meeting Molly, Jeff learns that true love is not only blind, it has one hell of a sense of humor.

Jeffrey Addiss - Director / Co-Writer / Producer
Erik Weiland - Editor / Co-Writer / Producer
Robert Flowers - DP / Co-Writer / Producer
Jonathan Sanford - Composer

Laura Hughes
Michaela Meyers
Ryan Dance
Katarina Hughes
Chris The Bunny
Jeffrey Addiss

Length: 7:05



A vibrant portrait of devotion. 

  Producer/Director: David Walter Lech

Length: 4:23 

AARTI still.jpg

Wolf Mountain

This short documentary shows a brief snapshot of the Tonya Littlewolf, proprietor of the Wolf Mountain rescue shelter. Tonya spends her days caring for abandoned wolves who were bred in captivity, too tame to survive in the wild. She expounds on her connection with the wolves, and the strange space between wilderness and confinement these wolves occupy.

Wolf Mountain Directed and Produced by:
Dan Duran, Brendan Nahmias, Sam Price-Waldman
Cinematography and Editing by:
Dan Duran and Sam Price-Waldman
Music by:

Length: 6:57 

wolf howl.jpg