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Mack Sennett Studios
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One of our main goals this year was to create three diverse programs that not only showcase the incredible array of filmmaking that can be done with no budget, but to also find the films that push the art itself forward, demonstrate a strong voice, and show the viewer that creativity is more important than money. We strove to find the innovative and bold, the unique and daring, the kinds of films that don’t seem possible to make without a budget but did just that!

This was an incredible year for us, with more than 30 films from over 10 different countries including India, Brazil, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Taiwan, New Zealand and moreWe are eager to share these wonderful discoveries.

You’ll find filmmakers who are experimenting with form and genre, with films like DON’T WORRY I’LL DO IT, HAUNTED HOSPITAL, KINTSUGI and CLEARANCE. Music videos that play with the idea of reality like LAST NAME KATZ and DAVE’S BEARD. Documentaries that find beauty on the microscopic level like THE SECRET WORLD OF TIM, as well as beauty in the places you don’t expect, like LAND’S WAITING, POOP ON POVERTY and THE CANDLE.

 We have bold comedies like O, THE ENNUI; PROFESSOR LEE and COUNTRYPHILE, as well as animated films that explore an array of genres like TEDDY’S BOWLING ALLEY, WHY I WENT BACK INSIDE – FREE AS A (JAIL)BIRD, WOMAN WHO HATES PLANTS, and so much more.

Thank you for joining us, and strap in for an amazing weekend.

Grace Mosqueda
Kit Steinkellner
Joshua Wilmott

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Program 1

Part 1 of O, the Ennui

Adam’s hungry…for the answers to life’s big questions. Finding humour in the absurd and mundane, Sutton Dewey and Mark Millner create a world not far from our own, but far more interesting. -JW (Narrative)

Film Details

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Director: Fred Soligan

Creators/Writers: Sutton Dewey & Mark Millner

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A bellhop searches the mysterious Gramercy Park Hotel for his true love. But, what starts off as a search for love, ends up becoming a question of identity and sanity. -JW (Experimental, Narrative)

Film Details

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Director and Screenwriter: Matthew James Thompson

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Don't Worry, I'll Do It

An existential journey down a hazy road, all circling around the frailty of humans. Utilizing animation and non-narrative techniques, Jordan Wong creates an intimate portrait of the human spirit. - JW (Experimental Animation)

Film Details

Country: California, U.S.A.

Animator: Jordan Wong

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Poop On Poverty

In Pushkar, India, every year tens of thousands of tourists flock to experience the world's largest camel festival. Camels aren't the only ones being gawked at the festival. The tourists transform the impoverished native women collecting camel dung for fuel into photo ops. This amuses some of the women, angers others. This documentary is a wry and incisive look at just how much a tourist can miss when in a foreign land. -KS (Documentary)

Film Details

Country: India

Scripted and Directed by: Vijay S. Jodha

Director of Photography: Sanjay Agrawal

Sound: K. S. Sivadas

Edited by: Pauliina Punki, Vijay S. Jodha, Sachin K. Meena

Music: Richard A. Harvey, M. Mastrocola

Sound Design and Colour Corrections: Sachin K. Meena

Producers: Don Edkins, Nick Fraser, Mette Hoffman Meyer, Brian Tilley, Pramod Mathur

Production Company: Steps International

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Sara ama Jorge

Sara ama Jorge confronts the realities of fear and insecurity within a relationship to charming effect. Shot as a class project, the filmmakers made use of their school's rooms, camera, lighting equipment, and recruited their classmates and friends to crew and act in the film. The result is a piece that embodies a spirit of collaboration and creativity using the resources at hand. -GM (Narrative)

Film Details

Country: Brazil

Cast: Julianne Chaves, Diego Marchioro and Guilherme Dias.

Director/Screenwriter: Karina Buzzi

Assistant Director: Carol Mira

Cinematographer: Fabio Ribeiro

Art Director: Débora Andrade Viana

Editor: Fabricio Coelho

Sound Felipe: Augusto Ribeiro

Sound Assistant: Alexandre Santana

Sound Design and Mixing: Bruno Almeida Ito.

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Land's Waiting

A meditation on death and an examination of the subtle beauty that exists in one of the only public art forums in Iran, the headstone. Shot in black and white, and utilizing an observational documentary approach, this film allows the viewer to ponder the deeper meaning behind these small pieces of stone, both politically, socially, and existentially. -JW (Documentary)

Film Details

Country: Iran

Director: Mohammad Talebi

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Dave's Beard

A musical ode to a guy's beard, the director of this stop-motion animation worked on the project for over a year, using found objects including paper, fabric, borrowed toys, and other art supplies. The concept combined with the whimsical soundtrack brings Dave's Beard to life. -GM (Narrative, Animation)

Film Details

Country: Oregon, U.S.A.

Evangeline LaRoque: Director/Animator/Editor

Dave Snider: Photoshopped image of Dave without a beard

Mo Saar: Wrote/Performed/Recorded music

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A young woman welcomes another young woman, a figure from her past, into her home. Their relationship is ambiguous and remains so throughout the course of the film, but what comes into crystal-clear focus is the intensity of this fractured relationship. - KS (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: U.K.

Writer- Marina Morales Moya

Director- Marina Morales Moya

Naomi Couper and Kirsty Marie Terry

Camera - Rupert Peddle

Assistant Camera - Dean Letts

DP - Marina Morales Moya

Sound - Steve Bull

Editor - Marina Morales Moya

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The Glass Cabin: Nick Olson & Lilah Horwitz

Nick Olson and Lilah Horowitz are self-proclaimed makers. Together, the two have built a cabin with one entire wall composed of windows facing the direction of the setting sun. This is a documentary about what happens when two people who work with their hands fall in love and decide together to build something. -KS (Documentary)

Film Credits

Country: West Virginia, U.S.A.

Cast: Nick Olson & Lilah Horwitz

Directors: Matt Glass & Jordan Wayne Long

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Memories linger everywhere - on the brain, on paper, even on the phone through undeleted texts. Adoxography captures memories of love after the fact, using images and exchanged words from the filmmaker's past in a way that feels both intimate and relatable. -GM (Experimental)

Film Credits

Country: Ohio, U.S.A.

Director: Cameron Granger

DOP: Cameron Granger

Narration: Cameron Granger

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Two construction workers discover their shared love for a mega pop star. Filmed in an abandoned factory, Richie is elevated by a witty script and low-key acting, celebrating the joys (and shame?) of guilty pleasures. -GM (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: U.K.

Director: Andy Salamonczyk

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Teddy's Bowling Alley

“Slick” Bobby Charles recalls his glory days at the local dilapidated bowling alley, moments before its demolition. Melding the tragic, romantic and nostalgic, this poem to a time forgotten forces the viewer to remember those who were there, and creates a mythic figure out of Slick, who is even more mythic by his "everyman" essence and relative obscurity. -JW (Narrative, Experimental, Animation)

Film Credits

Country: Colorado, U.S.A.

Director and Screenwriter: Charly Fasano

Anna Mascorella, Francis Mascorella-Fasano, Lucero

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Want to see the films in Program 1? The screening is Saturday, November 22 from 12:45PM-2PM at Mack Sennett Studios.

Program 2


A man tries to eat a bowl of noodles, but something strange is happening. Playing with different cinematic techniques to push the narrative forward, James Lewis creates humor and tension out of a simple action, keeping the audience guessing until the end. -JW (Experimental)

Film Credits

Country: U.K.

Cast- Adam Drew

Crew- James Lewis

Directors: Adam Drew & James Lewis

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lite feet-resized.jpg


Lite Feet is a dance movement started in the Bronx, these are the kids moving it forward, and this is how they spend their days. Utilizing the energy of his subjects and the music they dance to Ruben XYZ creates a portrait doc that gives an honest portrayl of inner city youths. -JW (Documentary)

Film Credits

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Director: Ruben

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The team behind Kintsugi, a dancer/visual artist and a visual artist/composer, make use of public spaces and rooms in their home, capturing the journey of healing through striking visuals and a single actor in frame. -GM (Experimental, dance)

Film Credits

Country: Italy


Writer: Antonella Mignone and Cristiano Panepuccia

Cast: Antonella Mignone

Camera: Cristiano Panepuccia

Music: Sin Aesthetica

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11 Minutes

A man may or may not be going on a shooting spree, it's never clear. Based on the directors own suicide note, this film examines what’s real, what’s fake, and what could have been, both in it’s content and in it’s creator. -JW (Narrative, Experimental)

Film Credits

Country: California, U.S.A.

Cast: Rafael Siegel, Big Ugly, Kevin Gill, Elizabeth Ferreira

Director: Tom Botchii

DP: Martin Moody

AC: Josh Vandermeer

Camera Op/SteadiCam: Daniel Schade

Colorist: Jonny McPheeters

Music: La_ndo

Producers: Tom Botchii, Nick Leisure, Martin Moody

Editor: Tom Botchii

Visual Effects: John Blake

Production Coordinator: Samantha MacLeod

Gaffer & Key Grip: Hugh Gaskill

Production Assistant: Mason White

Special Thanks: Christine Rengasmy, Cesar Calderon, Pancake Circus & Martin Moody

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Woman Who Hates Plants

It’s true, she really hates plants, but she loves cigarettes. This wonderful animation uses minimalism to create an unexpected and perfect ending. -JW (Narrative Animation)

Film Credits

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Drawn, animated by Morgan Miller

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A woman finds herself in a strange world of decadence, wealth, and mutating faces. Blending the surreal with the real, this music video takes us into areas unknown. Just remember “First Name Zebra, Last Name Katz.” -JW (Experimental, Music video)

Film Credits

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Director: Ruben

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Part 2 of O, the Ennui

Sometimes the biggest question in life is, “what’s your Netflix password?” The exciting second installment of O, the Ennui. The boys are back with the same brand of humor, only this time, the stakes are as high as they can go.  -JW (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Director: Fred Soligan

Creators/Writers: Sutton Dewey & Mark Millner

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Musical gynecologists walk among us, some more famous than others. In Countryphile, a dark comedy that toys with concepts of first impressions, director Ruth Sewell uses her own (or borrowed) equipment, wardrobe, editing skills, etc., to employ a truly no-budget method, to memorable effect. -GM (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: U.K.


Writer & Director: RUTH SEWELL

Additional Material: TOBY WILLIAMS


Director of Photography: CAROLINE BRIDGES

First AC & Gaffer: DAVID LIDDELL

Hair & Makeup Designer: MARY CUFFE


Colourist: DAN GILL

Audio Post: HACKNEY

Post Production Co-Ordinator: SEAN GATENBY



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This Is Not The End

A young woman documents the recent history of her family through handmade signs. The more signs we see, the more secrets are revealed. This is a documentary that plays like a personal essay, a wholly original and deeply felt take on the form.  -KS (Documentary)

Film Credits

Country: California, U.S.A.

Director: Hilary Campbell

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There’s something in this old cotton warehouse, and it’s not cotton. This atmospheric film revels in it’s locations and tones, and uses cinematic structure to create an interesting twist on the horror genre. -JW (Experimental)

Film Credits

Country: South Carolina, U.S.A.

Jonathan Ade - Director/Editor

Eli Blasko – Cast

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Mirror in Mind

A woman looks into her mind and sees that every imperfect piece of her mind completes herself. -KS (Animation)

Film Credits

Country: South Korea

Animator and screenwriter: SeungHee Kim

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Two doomed souls find each other and fall in love only moments before their untimely demise. It's probably important to note here that our two lead actors are snails. What "Titanic" took three and a half hours and over two hundred million dollars to do, "Valse" does with a handful of minutes and no budget. And, right, snails. -KS (Narrative, Experimental)

Film Credits

Coutnry: U.K.

Written/Directed/Edited by Chris Keller

Produced by Amelie Zilliox

Music by Alex Wallace

Additional VFX by Luciana Fintelmam, Alexander Taylor, Davi Stein, Anita Gribble, Tobias Keip


Chef: Iain Wallace

Extras: Christopher Taylor, Amelie Zilliox

Production Manager: Elena Rubio-Hall

Director of Photography: Bella Panggabean

Makeup Artist: Eleanor Garratt

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Want to see the films in Program 2? The screening is Sunday, November 23 from 2:45PM-4:00PM at Mack Sennett Studios.

Program 3

205: The Ground Unfolds

How are we to know what the three men of 205 The Ground Unfolds are really up to? The viewer is not necessarily meant to decode their maps or buy into their mysterious quest. Through use of lovely yet minimalist imagery and sound, the journey is more intriguing than the destination. -GM (Experimental)

Film Credits

Country: Switzerland

Director: Julie De Wispelaere

Lucas Pannatier, Aurélie Pernet, Elene Naveriani, Albert Fagioli, Pierre-Yves Guéro, Olivier Péron

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Indian Ate The Woodchuck

A stop-motion music video that tells the story of a prodigal son returning to his Appalachian roots to reconnect with his father, this film is bursting with personality and is an absolute delight from start to finish. -KS (NARRATIVE)

Film Credits

Country: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Director: Brad Pattullo

Brittany Biggie, Kate Price, Amy McCann

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Hushed. Left. Jumped.

Intimate moments of a mans life are revealed, exposing his true essence. Faced with this reality, he decides to make a serious choice. Using unconventional story structure and blunt emotional moments from the narrator’s life (who we don’t see) the director creates a moving portrait of depression. -JW (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: Portugal

Production: Bruno Carnide & Cátia Biscaia

Director: Bruno Carnide

Writter: Paulo Kellerman

Narrator: Marcos Paixão

Photography, Edition: Bruno Carnide

Sound: Roberto Marto

Music: Spring Quartet

Design: Cláudio Cigarro

Shot in Super8 - Elmo Super106

Film - Kodak Tri-X

Laboratory & Telecine - Blue CineTech

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李教授(Professor Lee)

An anthropological lecture gives way to an ecstatic music video in this mindbending, genre-defying thrillingly original film. -KS (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: Taiwan

Director: Reider Larsen

Featuring: Grant Harrison

Director of Photography: Mikey Piliero

Costume Design: Jill Chien

Crew: Wyatt Heidenfelder

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Haunted Hospital

Haunted Hospital celebrates the DIY spirit in a kooky, spooky, grand manner. Shot entirely on an iPhone in the filmmaker's living room against green screen, using friends as actors and items already on hand as props, Haunted Hospital takes a clever and refreshing approach to no-budget filmmaking. -GM (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: U.K.

Angelica/Evil Twin Patient/woman in nightclub: Georgie-Lee Robinson

Giorgio/Male Patient 2/man in nightclub: Pritan Ambroase

Nurse 1/Nurse 2/woman in nightclub/Teenage Patient/various background patients: Tammy Sander

Doctor/Gingerbread Man Patient: Mark Kelly

Gingerbread Man Patient as a child: Cade Morrison

Mrs Harms (the woman in the lab coat): Molly Brown

Musical score: Joshua Comley

Additional photography/general crew: Brandon Butterworth

Writer, director, animator and editor: Molly Brown

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Eye in Tuna Care

For his animated film Eye In Tuna Care, director John W. Lustig enlisted the musical talents of his brother Ray Lustig and violinist Stephanie Anne Block, to create a haunting score that perfectly complements this tragic and unique story of an outsider in peril. -GM (Narrative Animation)

Film Credits

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Script, direction, animation, voice, sound design, and editing: John W. Lustig

Original Music: Ray Lustig

Violist: Stephanie Anne Block

Recording Engineer: Taylor Hollyer

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The Secret World of Tim

You use it every day, but never think about how it's made, enter the world of circuit board construction. This slow moving observational documentary gives the viewer a rare opportunity to explore a micro scale world in a larger than life way. -JW (Documentary, Experimental)

Film Credits

Country: New Zealand

Director: Hayley Sheppard

Musical Score: Sophia Di

Title Design: Jessica Tabke

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The Candle

A documentary that tells the story of three New York siblings who came of age in a homeless shelter, and survived by making art. The siblings are shot with their street art, the visuals are powerful and the story is a testament to the power art has to save lives. -KS (Documentary)

Film Credits

Country: New York, U.S.A.

Director/Writer: Dan Perez

Producer: Dan Perez & Ruben Perez

Cinematographer: Dan Perez

Editor: Dan Perez

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Why I Went Back Inside - Free As A (Jail)Bird

An ex-con tries to become an upstanding member of society. But can he resist the urge to slaughter everyone in sight and steal their gardening tools? This 2D computer animation creates a hilarious and twisted world, one where old ladies watch office based soft core pornography while knitting, and ex-cons get high on gardening chemicals causing them to lose their mind. -JW (Narrative)

Film Credits

Country: U.K.

Animator and screenwriter: Alan Harding

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Want to see the films in Program 3? The screening is Saturday, November 22 from 3:15PM-4:30PM at Mack Sennett Studios.