The Wrap Party to End All Wrap Parties
7:00 PM19:00

The Wrap Party to End All Wrap Parties

Reception + Awards Ceremony

We're taking it back to our roots and celebrating 5 years of NBFF with the ultimate upscale-meets-underground event. Where cocktail dresses meet giant pizzas, Industry meets beer pong, and an art gallery meets polaroid selfies- we've got it all. The evening will include the GOLDEN PIG awards ceremony, and is only open to pass holders- so get yours! 21+

Available to Passholders only.

Secret location TBA.

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Shitty Jobs
8:30 PM20:30

Shitty Jobs

7:30pm-8:15pm RVIP Exclusive Pre-Shitty Jobs Reception (Passholders Only) - RVIP Lounge at Mack Sennett Studios

8:30pm-10:00pm Shitty Jobs - Mack Sennett Small Studio. Complimentary Uli’s Gelateria for all attendees.

Followed by an after party on the RVIP Mobile Karaoke Lounge for Shitty Jobs attendees!

A very special night of UCB's Shitty Jobs delves into all things indie just for No Budget. An improvised show inspired by one of our audience member's craziest industry gigs, we are excited to welcome back NBFF's first juror ever, DC Pierson, along with fellow Shitty Jobs members Ben Rodgers and Dominic Dierkes.

How it works: The guys will interview a random audience member about their biggest set diva, pitch sessions from hell, or weird and wonderful experience in between to spin into a fully improvised show filled with Overbearing AD's, suspicious sound guys, and aloof actors, (all in good fun of course). Join us to celebrate everything that we love about guerrilla film-making by celebrating all that can go horribly wrong. 

Tickets are $10. Purchase tickets to Shitty Jobs here.

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to Nov 22

Opening Night Feature Film and Special Event

The Past is a Grotesque Animal

Directed by Jason Miller

Oscilliscope Laboratories

Special screening and Reception at the VORTEX IMMERSION DOME

7PM Film followed by Talkback with the Director and Editor

9PM Cocktail reception with DJ and live visuals projected onto the Vortex Immersion Dome.

THE PAST IS A GROTESQUE ANIMAL is a personal, accessible portrait of an artist – of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes – whose pursuit to make transcendent music at all costs drives him to value art over human relationships. As he struggles with all of those around him, family and bandmates alike, he’s forced to reconsider the future of the band, begging the question – is this really worth it?

Tickets are $15. Purchase tickets to the Opening Night Feature Film here.

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