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Mack Sennett Studios
1215 Bates Ave
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For the first time ever, cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA, the organization that produces No Budget, is presenting a separate out-of-competition block of programming that features our favorite works from the local independent community as well as alumni from previous festivals. It’s a tribute to the days when cARTel’s ensemble would sit in a darkened room for hours screening and selecting the films together. It’s our ode to DIY festival making, and we hope you’ll enjoy our Selects, and find some new favorites from our greatest hits.

Online sales for Sunday will be open all day!! You can also purchase tickets at the door.

Get a day pass for $35! It includes all our programming, plus access to closing night Gala and Awards Ceremony!

Program 1


LEVON: A Wondrous Life

Levon is a documentary about 60-year-old Armenian rollerblader who, despite his post-Soviet country's struggles, refuses to lose his enduring belief in and contentment with the simple magic of being alive.

Film Details

Country: Armenia

Starring Levon Abgaryan

Directed, shot and edited by Anahid Yahjian and Emily Mkrtichian

Second camera by Alex Igidbashian

Executive produced by ONEArmenia

Music by Moby and Pharrell Williams

Lady and the Bum

After Molly discovers a terrible secret about her husband, a local homeless man takes her on a whimsical journey and helps her rediscover her independence.

Film Details

County: California, U.S.A.

Directed by Blake Hodges

Starring Lindsay Wolf and Brendan Connor

Written by Lindsay Wolf

Produced by Courtney Bell, Christopher Leps, Ashley Platz, Lindsay Wolf

Cinematography by Marko Slavnic

Edited by Blake Hodges

Original Score by Philip Wareborn

Assistant Director Gustav Lindquist

Costumes by Kerry Hennessy

Production Sound by Michael Cooper

Sound Mix by Chris Willmott

Color by Tanner Buschman

Gaffer/Assistant Camera Ben Rait

Script Supervision by Melinda Denny

Hair & Makeup by Katie Cordero

Craft Service/Production Assistant: Kailena Mai

Production Assistant: Hammerton Killick


Young Pooja goes to great lengths to connect her friend, Chakshoo, an indentured servant , to the beauitful life outside his confinement.

Film Details

Country: Mumbai, India/California, U.S.A.

Ankush Jindal-Director/Writer

Guneet Monga-Producer

Terrie Samundra-Producer

Vandana Tilak-Producer

Naveen Chaubal-Director of Photography

Soham Mehta-Editor

Sagar Desai-Composer


Priyanka Sharma

Pratak Katare

Bernard the Great

Today Bernard proudly wears his anti-growing suit, ready to face the world. Today is Bernard's birthday, and he has no intention of turning 10.

Film Details

Country: Quebec, Canada.

Screenwriters, directors: Philippe Lupien & Marie-Hélène Viens
Producer: Fanny-Laure Malo
Director of photography: Olivier Gossot
Artistic director: Madeleine Plante
Costumes: Laurence Gagnon
Sound: Olivier Houde, Jean-François Sauvé, Lub Boudrias
Editing: Etienne S. Bergeron

Bernard: Elliot Miville-Deschênes
Mother: Louise Laparé
Narrator: Gilles Renaud

finding june.jpg

Finding June

Through the eyes of a Deaf woman just diagnosed with breast cancer, we explore communication's role in truly understanding one another.

Film Details

Country: California, U.S.A.

Produced by
Kirk Schumacher
Laurie Schumacher
Jason Roberts
Phillip du Plessis
Antionette du Plessis

Writer and Director
Anna Schumacher


Amber Zion
Matthew Jaeger
Lexi Marman
Lindsay W. Evans
Christopher B. Corrigan
Julie Vox
Bryson Jones Allman
Linda Herrera
Rachel Rosenbloom
Coco Kleppinger

Avra Kouffman
Pat Steele
Daniel Lopez
Michele Garcia
Nixo Lanning
Jacquiline van Biene

Director of Photography
Ruan du Plessis

Production Team
Jason Roberts
Joel Stout
Kevin Chiu
Kyle Emard
Quinn Cooke
Kevin Bellante
Jessica Sinclair
Wren Witting
Jules Dameron

Original Score
Matthew Takimoto

Sound Mixing
Dooley Noted Audio

Want to see the films in cARTel Selects: Program 1? The screening is Saturday, November 22 from 5:30PM-6:45PM at Mack Sennett Studios.

Program 2


Have you ever seen that guy wandering around Los Angeles wearing a dinosaur suit? This is his story.

Film Details

Country: California, U.S.A.

Writing, direction & editing: Matthew Kaundart

The Dinosaur: Phil Daddario

Produced by Matthew Kaundart

Photographed by Young G. Kim

Opening title design & end animation by Hsin Chen

everything & everything & everything

The oppressively vapid life of Morgan is forever transformed when a mystical blue pyramid - that inexplicably produces doorknobs - appears in his apartment. What follows is a tale of greed and loss as Morgan builds an impossible, absurd corporate empire of doorknobs.

Film Details

Country: California, U.S.A.

Alberto Roldan - Writer/Director/Producer

Cate Smerciak - Producer

David Lassiter - Producer

Jeff Bierman - Director of Photography

Kristen Baum - Composer

Caitlin Nicole Williams - Production Designer

Chris Amos - Editor

Johnny Marshall - Sound Designer


Shane Carruth

Makeda Declet

Ethan Leaverton


Newborns attempts to provide a lens to the survivors of acid violence, to look forward and gaze back. They take us through the ennui of their domestic and public spaces in a nameless dystopian city, its factories, houses and motels, and its promises, never honoured.

Film Details

Country: Mumbai, India

Director - Megha Ramaswamy

Producer - Sohum Shah, Anand Gandhi, Ruchi Bhimani

Cast - Laxmi, Nasreen, Sapna

Production Company - Recyclewala Labs

Premiere - Toronto International Film Festival 2014

Category - Short Documentary

Year of Production - 2014

Original Format - Digital

Original Language - Hindi

Subtitles - English

Running Time - 8:39

Aspect Ratio - 16:9

Screening Format with English Subtitles - DCP

Screenplay - Megha Ramaswamy

Cinematography - Satya Rai Nagpaul

Editing - Anand Gandhi, Rohit Pandey

Music - Pritam, Patrick Pedersen, Dark Ambient Inner Devil

Sound - Aditya Yadav

Lay in Wait

A young married woman in the midst of an affair loses her wedding ring in the woods and must find it before the sun sets.

Film Details

Country: California, U.S.A.

Starring: Elizabeth Olin, Michael Stahl-David, Kevin Ashworth

Written and Directed by Jonathan Ade

Produced by John Negropontes, Michael M. McGuire

Executive Producers: Lucas Neff, Alexander D. Paul, Jonathan Ade

Director of Photography: Alexander D. Paul

Production Design: Mars Feehery

Edited by: Daniel Raj Koobir, Jonathan Ade

Sound Design by Chris Lane

Music by Nick Huntington, Brady Nelson, Chris Lane

Want to see the films in cARTel Selects: Program 2? The screening is Sunday, November 23 from 4:30PM-6:00PM at Mack Sennett Studios.