"The Wild West days of the world’s film festivals are not over." - Film School Rejects

“My favorite little festival…what you feel there is the excitement of young filmmakers...often you’ll see something that makes you think, ‘Wow, I’m gonna watch this filmmaker…(S)he’s gonna be big.’” - KCRW’s Matt Holzman

“The strongest programming I've ever seen at a film festival” - 2014 Juror Kent Osborne (Uncle Kent, Uncle Kent 2,  head writer - Adventure Time)

Gear up, Indiewood! It’s time for a super-premium, uber-specialized, you-bet-your-wide-angle-it’s-better-than-ever edition of the No Budget Film Festival, coming to you this October!

It’s our 6th year of celebrating the ‘maker’ in filmmaker. From Iowa to Iran, our entries hail from around the globe. Last year alone, we showcased 50 of the world’s most daring new indie voices from  India, Brazil, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Taiwan, New Zealand and more.

This sold out, red carpet, eclectic industry-heavy yet community based festival still packs the same punch it has for the last half-decade with some new-to-2015 surprises: A-list panels, networking for the non-stuffy set, parties parties parties, and of course, screenings showcasing the best in cutting-edge innovative work from a collection of daring emerging international filmmakers.

Some No Budget Facts to Remember:

NO! Bloated Entry Fee.*
NO! Films over 30 minutes.^

Films must not rely on a budget. Beg, borrow, collaborate to get your work done!

So pick up a camera, grab your buddies, and get to work! Submissions end September 7th at 6:00pm PST.

*Each initial submission is $10. Late submissions and multiple submissions from the same filmmaking team incur a fee of $15. Still cheaper than your last latte. Film shots on a Digital Bolex may submit without paying the submission fee. Please mention the code Digital Bolex in the Paypal Confirmation Number field to have your submission fee waived. Films must have "Shot on Digigal Bolex" in their credits to take advantage of this offer.

^Total runtime excluding credits.

Submissions have closed!

Thank you to all filmmakers who submitted. If you have questions, please email submissions@nobudgetfilmfest.com.