It was a record year for No-Budget filmmakers the world over! We received over 100 submissions from over 20 cities. From Saudi Arabia to Middle America,  our submitters raised the bar for true independent spirit. We received everything from the experimental to the comedic, from the sweetly romantic to the darkly gripping. Once again, you showed us that there is no limit to what an imaginative vision, (okay and a little begging and borrowing) can create. From us to all of our amazing auteurs, we want to say thank you for your submissions.

The Neighbor

Alonya Eisenberg

Julia is smitten with the guy in the apartment next to hers, but his dang girlfriend keeps showing up. The Neighbor explores how Julia's infatuation affects her behavior and her inner world.

Phone Call from Cairo (GREECE)

Katerina Bolmati and Yiotis

A movie that deals with a slice of revolution in Egypt through a phone call from Cairo.

Brother from Another Mother Tongue

Noah Gilbert

A black comedy about two best friends who have to make a tough decision when faced with eviction.

Chocolate Bacon

Asavari Kumar

A portrait of one young woman’s experiences in the first year of grad school, presented through a series of real life conversations re-contextualized by abstracted characters.

Anatomy of a Tiff

By Tomm Patrick

To understand why his girlfriend is angry, Noah searches for clarity the way any director would: By hiring actors and workshopping every moment of their tiff.

Rangroot (INDIA)

Shashwati Talukdar

'Rangroot' is about a teenaged crossdresser in a small town in India who is faced with the difficult decision to defy convention to follow his dream.

Lonely in the Streets

Christopher Miller

Two shopping carts meet on a dark lonely night in the streets of Los Angeles.

I Know What You Did Last Load

Amil Patel, Avni Patel, and Akash Chudasama

In the dark of the night spirits rise to wreak unimaginable havoc among the living world. Here is the tale of one of these lurking beasts. Watch closely and you may find yourself having... Loads of fun.



The official music video for the song "Universal" written and performed by Oliver Tree Nickell. While set in San Francisco, it is a representation of a global consciousness awakening, and a reminder that we all have of our own individual role to play in this unfoldment. We are the universe.

Carrie: The Artist

Drew Crabtree and Emma Fassler

Carrie, a young art student, prepares for a special gallery showing only to get tangled in a web of champagne, paintings and a suddenly stark reality.

Only The Smart Survive

Kari Lane and Summera Howell

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to survive a serial killer attack? Improve your skills with ONLY THE SMART SURVIVE, a nifty training video geared towards teaching you the do's and don'ts of slasher survival. If you don't survive, you just weren't smart enough.

Cold Feet

Lindsay Wolf and Chris Sullivan

After being stood up at her wedding, Sarah hides out in the bathroom and finds drunken solace in Daniel, her longtime friend, who also happens to be the best man.

Fast Living (RUSSIA)

Anton Sokolov

A look inside the studio of renowned custom bike creator, Anton Grechko. This is a real story, real locations and real people. Russia, Moscow 2012

Happy Hour

Raymond Reynega

They say the beauty of happy hour is its ability to make the simple seem enticing. Happy Hour is an off-beat romantic comedy that delves into the awkwardness of getting to know someone beyond the one-night stand. Will what intrigued you at sunset still excite you at sunrise?

Desert Encounter

Blake Hodges

'The Desert Encounter' is the story of two wayfaring strangers whose paths mysteriously collide in the middle of a hot desert.

Hard Sell

Casey Christensen

Molly desperately needs to rent an apartment.